Advisory services for migrants

Various sources provide different data regarding the number of Moldovan citizens abroad. According to some estimates the number of migrants varies from several hundreds of thousands to one million people. Once settled abroad, our citizens have to deal with different needs: to reunite family, to prepare education certificates, to marry, to acquire citizenship, to get a passport without leaving the country, etc. It is not easy to resolve alone all the problems which arise in this respect. In order to deal with them, one should know all the subtleties of international law, documentation procedures, requirements of embassies and consulates. And at the same time, any unaccounted trifle can whittle down all the efforts on preparation of documents and attempts to resolve the problem on one's own.

Our company possesses long-term practical experience in the field of migration, because we have had to draw up of tens of thousands documents for our clients and resolve all kinds of problems in that respect. We are always glad to share our experience and we find best solutions virtually in any case. Advisory services for our clients are always free of charge. You can visit us personally, contact us by phone, send your questions via fax, e-mail, Skype or ICQ.

In case you are abroad – you may contact us every day from 9.00 AM till 9.00 PM by calling landline phone numbers in the following countries for any information:
Greece Atena: (0211)198-0691
Great Britain London: (020)351-93572
Portugal Lisabona: (021)031-9742
Spain Madrid: (091)789-6680
Turkey Istanbul: (0212)705-5325
Israel Tel-Aviv: (077)228-5361
Switzerland Zürich (044)508-1215
Italy Milano:(02) 4555-7002
Roma: (06) 9672-7342
Austria National: 0720-882-319
France Paris: 01-70615722