Translating texts

INTERTEXT Translation Agency provides highly professional translations of texts and documents from/into majority of European languages, on a wide range of subjects, the most popular of which are:

  • commercial documentation (contracts, agreements, proposals, claims, business correspondence, etc.);
  • constituent and other documents for companies (articles of association and contracts, agreements, memoranda, licenses, extracts of laws and court decisions, letters of attorney, registration certificates, etc.);
  • scientific and technical documentation (articles, reports and presentations, books, operating manuals, reference books, textbooks, etc.);
  • translation of software and user guides;
  • medical and pharmaceutical literature.

We can assure high quality of our specialized translations by relying on translators who are experts in relevant fields and by using a multistage quality control system. Such translations are, as a rule, checked by a specialist in the corresponding area of expertise. A special group of freelance consultants has been set up for this very purpose to ensure a high quality end product which is both stylistically consistent and terminologically accurate.

You can always make sure of our quality performance by just sending us a small passage for trial translation.

Translation and legalization of personal documents. Filling in forms.

Notarized translation of passports, birth/marriage/divorce/death/change of name/adoption/filiation certificates, those from educational institutions, proofs of address, as well as diplomas, transcripts, and school certificates…

  • to draw up documents for a foreign trip;
  • for emigration;
  • to study abroad;
  • for employment in a foreign country;
  • to contract a marriage etc.

Our Agency will provide:

Consecutive interpretation
Consecutive interpretation is performed in parts, taking advantage of natural pauses in the speaker's discourse. Depending on the nature and importance of the event, we classify interpreting by the following levels of difficulty:

Ad hoc: general command of the language; services provided by tour guides or assistants at exhibitions.

Negotiations/meetings: knowledge of business, commercial and technical terminology in the relevant area of expertise; experience of interpreting at negotiations of the type required.

Presentations/VIP services: first-rate interpreters with long-term practical experience in the area required; experience of public appearances.

Telephone intepreting

Translation of sound and video records