About us

Since the year 1997 INTERTEXT Translation Agency has been a successful provider of different services, such as translation of various documents and texts from/into most European languages, legal advice and drawing up of personal and commercial documents, notary services, as well as international courier mail both for individual and corporate clients.

Our team consists of 16 staff members, 8 of which are translators and linguists with vast experience in economic, legal and technical translation and interpreting; there are also project managers, a lawyer, a proofreader, a system administrator for IT support and couriers. We also engage over 150 freelance translators.

Our priority has always been to select interpreters and translators with utmost care, based on their competence, proficiency, work experience and areas of expertise. Our policy is to employ only professionals with a fundamental linguistic background and long-term experience. All this has earned us the reputation of an agency that provides quality translation in harmony with the norms and principles of the target language. It has also allowed us to maintain a steady growth in this sector of business.

Among our clients there are more than 1200 businesses from the Republic of Moldova, as well as Romanian, Russian, Italian, German, French and Polish companies.

We prepare for our clients perfect legal documents acceptable abroad, working in strict compliance with national and international legislation, intergovernmental and interstate conventions and agreements.

Over the years that passed since our agency was set up, INTERTEXT has translated and legalized hundreds of thousands documents that helped our clients to:

  • go abroad (on a visit, on contract arrangements, for the purpose of emigration, for studies);
  • contract or dissolve a marriage (both abroad and in Moldova);
  • gain or renounce a citizenship;
  • reunite families;
  • resolve property issues;
  • prepare certificates of education for their recognition abroad;
  • request and issue various documents to be presented abroad.